Personal Injury and Dependency

Fatal accident claims differ in many important ways from other personal injury claims in the forensic accounting approach taken by us when assessing quantum.  In particular, the measure of damages for fatal accident claims is generally assessed by way of “loss of dependency calculations” representing the loss suffered by the dependants of the deceased after the fatal accident.

Our expertise in fatal accident cases is important given that future losses need to be evaluated carefully owing to the greater uncertainty relating to the future earnings prospects of the deceased.  In addition, specific technical issues need to be considered in calculating damages including the use of various multipliers and dependency factors.

We are experienced in considering other factors underlying dependency claims such as the financial support provided to the household by the deceased, the pension rights of the deceased and services such as decorating and other household tasks provided for the benefit of the dependants. We are able to develop models which take account of such factors. We can also provide assessments of quantum under different assumptions such as alternative prospective career paths.

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