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Divorce Settlements from Family Companies

June 2022

Where one or both parties in a matrimonial dispute control a family company, funding settlements can be complex. Read more

Directors in the Frame

May 2022

Shareholder dissatisfaction at company performance in the UK often focuses on directors’ responsibilities. Read more

When Shareholders fall out …

March 2022

Disputes between shareholders in private companies arise for many reasons. Shareholders may feel, for example, that… Read more

Security for Costs

September 2021

It is important for defendants to consider the ability of claimant companies to fund litigation… Read more

Anatomy of a Business

June 2021

Information on the financial affairs of a business is important in many types of legal action. Read more

Loss of Profits Cases

May 2021

Businesses may suffer a loss of profits through breach of contract or tort… Read more

Asset Tracing – Following the Trail

March 2021

Interest in the use of asset tracing procedures often focuses on actions connected with fraud and other criminal activities. Read more

Valuations in a Covid-19 Landscape

February 2021

Many businesses have suffered severe disruption during the pandemic… Read more

The Value of Pension Rights on Divorce

October 2020

Pension benefits in divorce or dissolution settlements often represent the largest capital asset after the family home. Read more

Do you want a Single Joint Expert?

September 2020

The use of Single Joint Experts (SJEs) is encouraged under the Civil Procedure Rules… Read more

Wills, Estates and Forensics …

July 2020

In addition to “mainstream” work such as loss of profits cases, matrimonial disputes and fraud investigations, forensic accountants assist in the administration of estates. Read more

Form E– Getting it Right …

April 2020

Form E is the financial statement on each party’s position prepared in financial proceedings arising out of divorce or judicial separation. Read more

Managing Client Expectations

June 2019

Businesses’ future prospects are an important factor in various types of litigation including…. Read more

Getting Behind the Figures

February 2019

Reviewing the financial statements of businesses and the underlying information is an integral part…. Read more

When Joint Ventures Fall Apart …

November 2018

Joint business ventures are common between parties who combine resources to carry out a…. Read more

A Taxing Divorce

June 2018

This newsletter aims to give an overview of issues relating to the main UK taxes which may arise from a…. Read more

Unravelling Partnership Disputes

March 2018

The extent to which partnerships codify the relations between partners varies considerably…. Read more

Forensic Forecasts

September 2017

Information on the financial affairs of a business is important in many types of legal action…. Read more

Financial Statements – an Overview

July 2017

Financial statements summarise the performance of a business over an accounting period…. Read more

Choosing a Forensic Accountant

May 2017

Forensic accountants examine and report on the financial aspects of legal claims and disputes…. Read more

Valuations in Litigation

April 2017

Business valuations are often needed in connection with various types of litigation, such as disputes…. Read more

Shadow Forensic Accountants

March 2017

A “shadow expert” advises one of the parties in a case as part of the legal team…. Read more

Team Efforts

February 2017

Expert accountants are not always instructed in isolation. We often play an important role…. Read more

Digging up the Facts

January 2017

The forensic accountant’s primary task is to review and report on…. Read more

Expert Accountants’ Reports

November 2016

The Civil Justice Council’s “Guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims” …. Read more

Sharing Pensions – the Ins and Outs

October 2016

Pension rights in divorce or dissolution settlements…. Read more

Valuing Pension Income

September 2016

Pensions are a perennial “hot topic”…. Read more

Joint Statements – Useful or Not?

August 2016

Joint statements of experts are not mandatory unless ordered by the Court…. Read more

Personal Injury Claims – Be Prepared

April 2016

Personal injury and fatal accident cases require expert critical appraisal… Read more

Obtaining Value for Money – Hot Tips

March 2016

It is important that input from experts is cost-effective and timely… Read more

Checks and Balances

November 2015

One of the key aspects underlying the work undertaken by forensic accountants in relation to disputes involving businesses… Read more

Sim Kapila at 21

June 2015

Over 21 years as a niche practice specialising in forensic accountancy and investigative services… Read more

Pre-Nuptial Agreements in the News

June 2015

There has been increasing interest in pre-nuptial agreements in recent years… Read more

Putting Jackson into Practice

May 2014

It is now just over a year since the “Jackson reforms” changed the way in which much civil litigation is conducted…. Read more

Counting the Cost of Employee Fraud

November 2013

Employee fraud represents an important component of white-collar crime, has increased in recent years… Read more

Putting a Price on Employee Rights

October 2013

According to figures released by the Ministry of Justice, employment tribunals accepted over 190,000 claims by employees… Read more

Tough on the Proceeds of Crime

September 2013

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) consolidated earlier legislation and extended the confiscation powers of the Court. Read more

Follow the Money

May 2013

Much of our work on fraud cases centres on examining financial evidence… Read more

Accountants’ Negligence Actions – First Steps

October 2012

The early consideration of issues in accountants’ negligence actions can help to identify the major… Read more

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