Matrimonial Disputes

We have extensive experience in dealing with the financial aspects of matrimonial disputes, often involving large businesses and high net-worth individuals.

A key aspect of our forensic accounting role in matrimonial disputes over the years has related to business valuations as part of the identification of the property and financial resources of both parties.  Our work in recent years has included a more active involvement in identifying the financial resources of the parties and a critical appraisal of the ways in which funds may be secured to effect settlements which do not jeopardise the ongoing viability of the primary business owned by one or more of the parties.

Our experience and expertise are important in assisting clients achieve successful resolutions in matrimonial disputes.  We are able to apply our analytical and financial skills in providing initial advice or as party or Single Joint Experts. We also often undertake work as “shadow experts”. Our areas of expertise include a consideration of the following: