Business Excellence

We aim to provide our clients with:

Experience and Expertise

We have specialised in forensic and investigative accounting since 1994, offering advice and providing expert evidence on the financial and business aspects of legal disputes and claims. We have appeared as party-appointed and Single Joint Experts. The core of our work is the provision of forensic accounting advice and expertise to solicitors, including some of the most highly respected firms in the UK.


We bring an “outside” perspective to bear on forensic accounting issues. We are aware at all times of the requirements of the Civil, Criminal and Family Procedure Rules in relation to experts.

Partner and Consultant Level Involvement

Rakesh Kapila and George Sim are closely involved in each case from the initial review of information to the drafting of a report or advisory letter and, if necessary, appearing in court.

Cost-effective Input

We aim to provide Central London expertise but not at Central London prices, thanks to our forensic approach to cost control. Although forensic accounting assignments are notoriously difficult to cost in advance, we provide details of our fee arrangements before we are instructed and keep our clients informed regularly on the time costs incurred.