Employment Disputes

Claims arising from employment disputes include those relating to unfair dismissal and discrimination, i.e. on the grounds of sex, disability, race, age, religion or sexual orientation.  In addition to loss of basic salary, allowances and overtime, claims in employment disputes may include loss of benefits-in-kind such as rights accrued under share option schemes and loss of pension rights.

We are often instructed to prepare estimates of a claimant’s loss in unfair dismissal or discrimination cases or to carry out a critical review of such estimates. Our work may address the claimant’s loss of income, accrued pension rights and other benefits in any period of unemployment, the duration of unemployment, the extent to which earnings and other benefits provided by any job obtained by the claimant after the dismissal differ from those provided by the previous job and the tax consequences of an award.

Since loss of earnings and benefits is an important issue in employment disputes and fringe benefits and pension arrangements may be complex, there are many cases in which it is cost-effective for us to provide our forensic accounting views on these aspects of employment disputes.

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