Fraud and financial crime

Our forensic accounting work on money laundering cases is distinct from that on criminal cases in general because it involves critical scrutiny of funds flows with our focus being to establish the extent to which a defendant’s funds arise from lawful activities.

Our role may include assisting legal teams to obtain relevant court orders by providing evidence on the transfer of assets. We also get involved in tracing the movement of assets with a possible view towards retrieval.  It is necessary at an early stage to identify the individuals or entities to which funds have been transferred and the bank accounts that have been used. It is therefore vital to identify and secure relevant banking documentation such as bank statements, returned cheques and instructions to banks. Other information needed on an urgent basis may include share certificates, insurance policies and title deeds.

In order to maximise the value which we can add to money laundering cases, it is necessary to involve us as quickly as possible and to use our skills effectively to work with the lawyers and other experts.

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