Forensic Accountancy

The early consideration of issues in accountants’ negligence actions can help to identify the major points of contention and keep professional costs under control. We are able to advise on liability and quantum issues relating to the conduct of accountants in a range of situations. Our forensic accounting advice to claimants and their advisers includes raising relevant questions with the intention of ensuring that defendant accountants consider them carefully.  Similarly, we discuss relevant issues with defendants and their advisers to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of claimants’ cases.  For both claimants and defendants, key issues are best identified by carrying out a preliminary review of the financial statements of the business concerned as these may contain a great deal of useful information.

We also have experience in considering losses in cases involving negligence by professionals other than accountants. Our expertise includes considering carefully whether alleged negligence has resulted in losses and to consider quantum as a vital but secondary objective.

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