Fraud and Financial Crime

Business valuations are needed in connection with various types of litigation such as divorce cases, disputes between shareholders or partners and cases involving the loss of a business opportunity. Valuations may also be required in personal injury or loss of profits cases in which a business has ceased trading or has been sold.

We consider carefully at the outset what needs to be valued so that we are able to determine the approach to be taken and provide details of our information requirements or issues relating to the financial performance and the assets and liabilities of the business.  It is also important for us to evaluate issues relating to the sector in which the business operates.

As all businesses differ, we avoid an over-simplistic or mechanistic approach to this work and ensure that valuations are independent, based on the best available information and prepared on the basis of the most appropriate methodology. We are able to play an active role, both as advisers to the parties or as experts.

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